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Richard Caster has 45 years experience working in the restaurant industry. His approach whether in the classroom or in the restaurant is based on many years of hands on experience in restaurants

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3rd Party School Inspections School systems must be inspected twice a year to maintain their federal subsidy. We do inspections which are then posted on the Department of Health website.. Not only do we do the inspections but also forward to the person in charge any suggestions or comments which might help them complete their work more efficiently and successfully.

Profit and Service Help​ Not only do I have 45 years in experience but I have also been in many restaurants in a consulting capacity and have experience many innovative systems and habit that would increase profits and service with excessive amounts of labor or effort. As a matter of fact the end result usually makes the job easier, less stressful, and more profitable. 

Consulting help with the Health Department​  If asked we will attend a meeting at the Health Department representing you if a meeting has been scheduled. Not only do we help in attaining compliance with the Department of Health Standards ​​but we also help set up systems that, if followed, will eliminate the same problems in the future. The systems we set up are simple, easy to follow, and not time consuming.

Food Safety Manager Training​ Certification and Re-Certification classes taught in a convenient location' Classes are scheduled weekly. Information is taught in a non boring and interesting manner. Classes are smaller in size, informal, and allow much class discussion. New events and health department priorities are covered in the classes. Subject matter is presented in a meaningful manner to make it easy to learn. If a person does not pass the class they may retake the class for free and just pay for an exam.

Inspections to maintain standards​ The hardest thing an owner or manager has to do is open their eyes and see every day they arrive at work. Many restaurants have hired Caster Consulting to come in and do a health department style inspection at regular intervals to see what they are missing or what is new in the health department radar. Regular can be bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly.